Sylvia’s Bio

Sylvia came to Miami from formal post Communist Czechoslovakia more than 3 decades ago, a beautiful Country bordering on Austria, Germany and Hungary.

Her own personal life challenges and upbringing gave her a dream and determination to take on her client challenges and provide them with the very best service and advice on Real Estate Property Investments not just locally but internationally as well.

Today, reflecting, her formal education and training in Europe than followed in Florida came in very handy with her new unexpected real estate career about to launch, right here, in Miami, in 1998 and again, when US markets crashed in 2007. Furthermore, her first Real Estate experience as a Broker, not just as a salesperson was in 2001 when she had to take over a fully operational 25 agent office overnight, challenged and almost wiped out in a matter of days by fearce local competitors. Since then, her understanding of Real Estate in South Florida and Professionalism amongst her peers has been unquestionable.

With over 23 years of experience in real estate, Sylvia’s reputation for success in an ever-changing market, makes her a valuable asset in real estate industry. Recognized by her peers as a natural leader and a creative artist, Sylvia’s multifaceted approach to her craft helps her clients achieve a balance in their real estate portfolio without overlooking location, function and characteristic of their return on investment. Her office has been recognized under her (only 2-year) management by leading Lennar Corporation in years 2000-2001 as #1 real estate sales office, despite of it being a boutique size of operation. Shortly after that, Sylvia has obtained Who Is Who Awards several years in a row, she opened a Commercial Real estate Division where she co-broked with other Commercial Brokers around State in order to procure projects from condo conversions to new commercial projects between Orlando, Tampa and Northern Florida. She was also invited to participate in establishing a new franchise real estate flag right here in Miami and she was one of the pioneers to start a Staging Business for High End Luxury Homes that were sitting on the market for months.

Throughout years, Sylvia participated in many local venues and associations, including business owners in the Village of Pinecrest, she was invited to sit on the Board of Deering Bay Residences while being the youngest (only in her late 20’s) Real Estate Broker heading up a real estate office.

Sylvia’s attention to detail, focus and business sense is what continuously attracts repeat business from domestic and international clients alike, especially absentee owners. Anyone who knows Sylvia, will not dispute she is a rain maker who knows how to withhold storms.

When you need a Florida Real Estate Broker who is hands on, who believes in repeat business and advises you on any investment like it is her own, who will stand by you even after you long close, there is only one choice you should consider… Sylvia.

Don’t let her smile mislead you…

She is known to turn any life challenges into solutions, and any opportunities into success.

Feel free to contact her directly at 305.975.0880.